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Masego Seemela
2 minute read
13 Feb 2017
10:15 am

Smash-and-grabs on the rise in Fourways

Masego Seemela

Motorists were advised to be vigilant and alert when driving or stopping at intersections.

Romy Meurer's damaged car window after a smash-and-grab attempt.

Fourways police have warned motorists to be cautious following an attempted smash-and-grab.

Douglasdale police spokesperson Captain Mpho Kgasoane said with the number of smash and grabs in the area, the Douglasdale police have advised community members to be vigilant when driving in and around the Fourways area, Fourways Review reported.

This comes after community member Romy Meurer posted on the “I love Fourways Facebook” page sharing her recent horrific smash-and-grab ordeal.

Meurer said: “This happened while I was driving on Main Road at the intersection, just beyond Witkoppen Road, travelling towards Bryanston, away from Lonehil.”

She added she was incredibly thankful for the anti-smash-and-grab film on her window, which prevented the suspect from gaining entry into her car.

“I am sharing this so that community members can be vigilant when driving alone at night, and if they do not have a smash and grab on their windows, I advise that they should get it; they won’t be sorry,” Meurer concluded.

Kgasoane advised community members to be vigilant and alert when driving or stopping at intersections.

Kgasoane provided some tips to avoid falling victim to such crimes:

  • Stay alert, remain aware of your surroundings and look out for anything suspicious
  • Always lock your car and avoid driving with windows open. Keep the doors locked and lock valuables out of sight. Install smash-and-grab window protection if possible
  • Check your mirror – if you suspect you are being followed make a couple of false turns. If someone is still following you, drive to the nearest police station for assistance
  • Slow down in such a way that by the time you reach a traffic light, it is green, especially late at night. This reduces your risk of becoming a target

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