Kayla van Petegem
1 minute read
8 Mar 2017
9:26 am

ATM bombed in Pretoria East

Kayla van Petegem

The suspects, more than 10 of them, fled the scene after the bomb went off, and one of them suffered a face injury.

ATM bombed in PTA.

An ATM was bombed in the east of Pretoria on Tuesday evening, Centurion Rekord reports.

Aftermath of the bombing.

Aftermath of the bombing.

Police spokesperson Captain Ilze Jones said: “Armed men entered a Total garage shop in Rossouw Street around 22:20. The suspects forced the three workers on the floor.”

“More than 10 suspects were involved in the robbery and fled the scene after the bomb went off,” she said.

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Five cars were used in the crime, and no shots were fired, but one of the workers hurt his leg when trying to escape.

One of the robbers suffered a face injury in the explosion.

The police were investigating.

– Caxton News Service

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