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Mia Moorcroft
1 minute read
24 Mar 2017
9:59 am

WATCH: Thief on wheels is back in Richards Bay

Mia Moorcroft

The suspect managed to snatch a handbag and a cellphone.

Photo snapped of the scooter suspect with the stolen handbag

Police and Community Police Forum members are once again on the lookout for a ‘thief on wheels’ after a man on a scooter snatched a pedestrian’s handbag near the Methodist Church in Meerensee, in KwaZulu-Natal, Zululand Observer reports.

The suspect, described as a young white male wearing a white and grey shirt with white helmet, grabbed the victim’s bag and cellphone.

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One witness said she had seen the suspect circling the area before the “attack”.

Pedestrians and shoppers have been urged to be vigilant.

Similar cases were reported in Arboretum, Meerensee and the Central Business District, but the crime trend ceased after the Richards Bay police arrested two suspects.

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