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Tshepiso Mametela
1 minute read
15 May 2017
11:32 am

R500k stolen goods recovered in Slovo Park following protests

Tshepiso Mametela

The goods were discovered following alleged looting from factories in the south of Johannesburg.

NO-HOLDS-BARRED: Metro Police load stolen goods recovered following looting in Nancefield into truck.

Metro police in conjunction with the South African Police recover goods amounting to R500 000 looted from a factory in Nancefield, Gauteng, during sporadic violent protests in the area.

Recent sporadic violent protests have resulted in widespread looting in various parts of Joburg and Gauteng, with law-enforcement officers working round the clock to contain the destruction caused by mobs as they sweep past small businesses and through neighbourhoods, Midrand Reporter reported.

The goods were discovered following alleged looting from factories in the Nancefield Industrial, south of Johannesburg, on the evening of May  10.

Metro police spokesperson Wayne Minnaar told City Buzz that various items, including essentials, were found and confiscated.

“The goods, which consisted of groceries, furniture, clothing and car parts,  were found inside shacks in the Slovo Park informal settlement after officers received a tip-off,” he said.

“No arrests have been made, however, the goods will be returned to the business owners once the criminal investigations have been completed.”

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