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Nadine Mare
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17 Jul 2017
12:35 pm

UPDATE: Daughter speaks out after mom sets herself alight

Nadine Mare

She was put under anaesthesia, and has been moved to the burn unit ICU in the Leratong Provincial Hospital.

The heartbroken daughter of the woman who set herself alight earlier this week has revealed that her mother suffers from bipolar disorder.

The woman sustained serious burns after setting herself on fire in Randgate, Randfontein, on the West Rand, on Monday afternoon, July 10.

The Herald saw CCTV footage of the woman pouring about 2 litres of petrol over herself and rubbing it into her hair and face.

She then took out a cigarette lighter and set her self alight.

Her body was engulfed in flames for about 40 seconds. The incident took place at about 4.10pm in front of a liquor store in the area.

Russel Meiring, an ER24 spokesperson, said she had sustained second-degree burns to her head, face and neck, and had to be transported to Leratong Hospital.

At the time, the woman was said to be in a critical condition.

On Wednesday, The Herald reported that the woman was not doing well.

She was under anaesthesia and had been moved to the burn unit ICU in the Leratong Provincial Hospital.

A day later, her daughter, Susan Cloete, confirmed that doctors do not know what to expect when she awakes.

“She was still in a critical condition, and only had a 50 percent chance of surviving,” said Cloete.

The doctors also told the family she would most likely not be able to speak, hear or see when she woke up. However, on Friday morning, relatives confirmed that she is awake, speaking and off the life-support system.

Woman sets herself alight in front of a liquor store

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