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27 Jul 2017
2:24 pm

Financial stress is a burden to all South Africans

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Generally this can also contribute to mental health leaving suicide as an option.

Financial troubles-face them and tackle them

Financial stress or pressure arises from any situation where money worries are causing stress. These stresses normally relate to debts you faced at a certain point in time, and could also be stirred by financial concerns you have about the future.

It could be about actual or feared changes in work or personal circumstances that affect your income, or it might be about expected expenses for you or your family. These are hard financial times for many individuals and families.

However, there are things you can do that may better your situation.

The Citizen managed to speak to Cassey Chambers, Operations Director South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG)  on this matter and she had this to say: “While financial stress or pressure doesn’t cause or lead to suicide, it can be a contributing factor to why someone would want to commit suicide. There is never just one reason why someone wants to end their life. It is always a combination of issues. Financial stress or pressure can lead to problems in relationships, work related stress, family problems, etc.”

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Asked on how this can be tackled among families and the society, Chamber told the Citizen that: “As a society we put too much emphasis on financial status. There is a lot of shame put on a family or individual who is going through any financial problems. Especially amongst men, who are supposed to be seen as the family bread winner. The minute that role is threatened, partners/families/friends often criticise and turn against the individual. If you know that someone is experiencing any kind of financial stress, pressure or strain – there is so much help and support available. Learn what options are in the area. Instead of turning against someone or treating them differently, give them resources which could help them through it.”

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Furthermore, Chambers stated that: “Having no actual reports researched or stats to prove that there is a spike or increase in the number of suicides due to the current drought pronounced, or in the number of suicides related to any financial issues – people experience the same amount of issues and financial strain throughout the year. The reason behind the financial problems may be different – such as over the December holidays, people might not get a bonus or not enough money for Christmas, food or bills over the holidays.”

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“In January, people often have the stress of overspending during the holidays, and now have to pay for school fees, school uniforms, credit card debt, etcetera. People experience financial stressors throughout the year, and while it may not cause suicide directly it can contribute to a person’s stress, problems or mental health issues so that they feel so overwhelmed by their problems that suicide seems like the only option to end their problems,” said Chambers.

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– Caxton News Service

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