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Nokuthula Sonile
1 minute read
23 Oct 2017
10:40 am

Possible solution for car-jamming woes

Nokuthula Sonile

Car jammers dwell around school drop-offs, petrol stations, car parks and shopping centres.

The jamguard promises to alert vehicle owners as car jamming happens.

For motorists to have the upper hand against car jammers, a technology company based in Lonehill, Real Time Travel Connection, has launched a smart key fob called jamguard, Fourways Review reports.

Designed and manufactured in South Africa, the jamguard smart key fob alerts you if car jammers are operating in the vicinity.

The company’s chief executive officer, Paul Clifford, said: “Having been a victim of car jamming himself, I wanted to develop an affordable, intuitive solution that protects people against this invisible crime wave.

“In Sandton alone, more than 40 incidents of car jamming are reported every week. Hotspots for this type of crime are school drop-offs, petrol stations, car parks and shopping centres.”

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Clifford explained that criminals used signal jammers to prevent car keys from locking and setting the alarm off.

“Victims walk away from their cars unaware that they have been jammed and that their vehicles remain unlocked and vulnerable. What’s more, insurance companies may not pay out claims from victims of car jammers, as there is no forced entry.”

According to Clifford, jamguard operates in the following ways:

  • Listens for signal jamming devices when you lock your car. It detects if jammers are operating on 433MHz which is the frequency currently used for remote vehicle locking
  • It emits audible and visual alerts if a jamming device is being used
  • The device’s lightweight and compact design fits onto your car key ring so you won’t notice it is there until you need it
  • Easy to use as it works straight out of the box with no set-up or installation required.


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– Caxton News Service

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