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27 Dec 2018
9:29 am

WATCH: Men buy friend a car because they are ‘tired of picking him up’

Citizen Reporter

This group of friends has inspired people on social media, while others say they need to change friends.


A heartwarming video of a group of friends showing their friend his new car has been circulating on social video. In the video that has been viewed more than 500 000 times, the friend breaks down in disbelief, asking his friends if they were pulling his leg.

“What do you mean it’s my car?” asks the friend.

One of the men responds: “It’s your car, man, you’ll be driving now. We’re tired of picking you up. Everyone is tired of picking you up.”

While some on social media said they were inspired by the group, others said they would never get tired of picking their friends up.

Others, however, said the whole thing was staged.

Thandi Ncube wrote: “First of all Thulani Nyemba and Hayley Casling there will be no day I’m too tired to pick anyone up so I’ll buy them a car forget it, and if you still want me to prove my love then I will buy a car part for you. Maybe a wiper. Not the whole car,” while Karen Sekele said: “Women like power and people begging them. Most feel like the own you bcoz if you need to go somewhere, you’ll have to ask them and if you stop asking they get angry. Well done guys for uplifting a brother. I overhead someone(background) saying: “we’re tired of picking you up” Wow, instead of running away from him you came up with a solution. God will continue to bless you guy. This is true friendship.”

Others said it was time they changed friends.


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