Gopolang Moloko
3 minute read
28 Feb 2019
11:40 am

Showdown looms as Mboro visits Lukau to tell him what he thinks of his ‘resurrection’

Gopolang Moloko

Mboro is expected to visit Alleluia International in a holy high noon clash.

Prophet Paseka Motsoeneng also known as Pastor Mboro negotiates with police, 11 November 2015, in Katlehong on the East Rand, after shop owners mistook his VIP security as armed robbers. Over 20 police officers responded to the scene. Picture: Alaister Russell

Incredible Happenings church leader Pastor Mboro is demanding answers from Alleluia International Ministries church leader pastor Alph Lukau and accuses Lukau of bringing Christianity into disrepute.

Lukau “resurrected” a claimed semi-dead man on Sunday during a church service, which has resulted in pressure mounting against the church, as many have criticised Lukau’s miracle as a fraud.

Mboro, who has been vocal in media interviews, said on Wednesday he would visit Lukau at the Alleluia International Ministries Church in Sandton. He has made it clear that he, alongside the South African Funeral Practitioners Association, now stand against Pastor Lukau.

Mboro is famous, for among other things, claiming he has been to heaven and took photos of it using a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

In a statement he said: “No bona fide religious leader in his right sense of mind and driven by the spirit of our Creator can attempt to pull such an antic (resurrection) for the sake of quick fame and cameras. And that trick has immediately backfired, with many civil society groups denouncing Lukau, and other church leaders.

“In the news and on social media, South Africans are expressing deep disbelief over the supposed resurrection of a man – which appears to be a bad rehearsed act. Funeral parlours are distancing themselves from the act, and even the Zimbabwean Government has issued a statement saying that was not its resurrected citizen.”

Some have pointed out that Mboro may be the last person who can cast the first stone.

He is also known for anointing underwear, a skill that may come in handy in such a clash. The confrontation may also be a place were unbelievable miracles will be seen.

Pastor Lukau weighs in ahead of the fight with a history of healing people, a common gift the two pastors appear to share. Lukau may nonetheless have the home ground advantage, with solid legal advice after Alleluia International Ministries issued a statement on Wednesday dismissing criticism of his miracles.

The ministry described the “unwarranted and sustained attacks” against the church as a blatant refusal to accept certain irrefutable facts.

The church and pastor Lukau wished to make it clear that they had no previous dealings with the resurrected man, supposedly named Elliot, and his family prior to the Sunday miracle. They added that their cameraman, who appeared to look like Elliot, was still employed by the church.

The ministry also stated that they had never engaged with any funeral parlours, as alleged. This despite Kings and Queens funeral services labelling the resurrection a hoax.

Three funeral parlours have announced that they approached the police to investigate the matter. Advocate Prince Mafu, speaking on behalf of Kings and Queens, Black Phoenix and Kingdom Blue funeral services, told The Citizen that the parlours were misused through various forms of misrepresentation to suit a particular outcome. He said the parlours were considering a civil claim against the church.

Mboro and Lukau are expected to meet at around 12pm.

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