Landé Willemse
2 minute read
18 Oct 2019
12:15 pm

Mpumalanga mother abducted in broad daylight

Landé Willemse

53-year-old Guitabali Samgi was kidnapped outside Elawini Lifestyle Estate in Mbombela on Tuesday afternoon.

Samgi was reportedly abducted outside an estate in Mbombela. Image: Lowvelder

A local family is appealing to the kidnappers of a 53-year-old woman to make contact with them or the local police, and begging for the safe release of their beloved wife and mother, reports Lowvelder.

In a desperate attempt to create awareness that might save her life, some details have been released. The family said they had heard nothing since the incident, but were assuming that a ransom would be demanded.

We are asking the kidnappers to please make contact.”

He begged for them to please not hurt her.

The incident occurred after she left The Grove shopping centre.

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It is thought that she was followed by the kidnappers and as she slowed down at the entrance road of the estate, they allegedly overtook her and braked hard. Samgi must have hit the back of their vehicle, as her number plate fell off at the scene.

Samgi’s driver side window was smashed by allegedly a hammer. They then presumably jumped in the car and raced off. Samgi’s vehicle was found abandoned on the N4 close to the Cairn turnoff.

“It was standing on the left side of the road, and someone must have called it in.”

All her personal belongings, such as her handbag, credit cards and all the family’s passports, were strewn across the car, but it looks as if nothing was taken.

Samgi has black hair and dark brown eyes. She was wearing a blue striped blouse and dark blue pants on the day of her kidnapping.

Anybody with information can contact the police on 013 759 1008.

Elawini expressed their deepest concern for the family, as they are a “deeply respected part of the Elawini family”.

Unfortunately, due to the distance from the gate to the road, the CCTV cameras were unable to pick up any footage.

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