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8 Dec 2019
6:49 pm

Gauteng to launch anti-poverty strategy focusing on kids

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The strategy will focus on children first then the elderly, before incorporating everyone else.

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The Department of Social Development will soon launch Gauteng’s anti-poverty strategy, aimed at easing the burden of poverty on children.

According to a statement issued by the department on Sunday, the strategy would protect the weak, poor and vulnerable by providing solid services that would move them from dependency to independence.

“It will remove some beneficiaries from relying on social grants to work opportunities within government projects.”

While the strategy has four phases, it will start by protecting children and ensuring they do not go to bed hungry with the help of various departments.

This will include providing children with basic necessities and services, such as free education at state-owned early childhood centres and public school, free transport to schools further than 5km, one month’s groceries every month until they turn 18, university bursaries, dignity packs, medical support, social grants, and psycho-social support.

“The immediate beneficiaries of this strategy will be child-headed families, children in anti-abuse centres, children in distress,” the department said.

It added: “We will also use the services of churches, community development workers, schools, clinics and traditional leaders to identify children who need help.”

The second phase of the strategy will focus on the elderly while the last phase will incorporate everyone else.

“The official launch of the programme will be this Thursday, December 12, at 14:00 at Tarlton, where identified children in distress will receive the benefits mentioned.

“With this strategy, we will restore the dignity of the poor and demonstrate that we care and support those who need the state to protect them,” the department said

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