Siyanda Ndlovu
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15 Dec 2021
6:43 pm

Update: Death toll from Durban crash rises to 4, over 35 injured

Siyanda Ndlovu

'A truck, a bus and three light motor vehicles collided in the roadway leaving multiple people injured.'

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The number of fatalities from a multiple vehicle crash in Durban has risen to four.

Over 35 people were treated for injuries following a horrific accident involving multiple vehicles on Paisley Road near Manchester Street in Jacobs.

Three died at the scene, while another one from the over 35 who were being treated for injuries ranging from mild to serious died at a later stage.

ALS paramedics spokesperson Garrith Jamieson said in a statement that the accident took place: “just after 5pm on Wednesday Afternoon”.

“ALS Paramedics Medical Services arrived on the scene to find total carnage,” reads the statement.

“A truck, a bus and three light motor vehicles had collided in the roadway leaving multiple people injured.”

It said that immediately, more ambulances as well as the Ethekwini Fire Department were dispatched to the scene to assist.

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“Three people were found to have sustained fatal injuries and there was nothing more Paramedics could do for them and they were declared deceased on the scene.

“One person was found to be severely entrapped in his vehicle and was stabilized in the vehicle while the Ethekwini Fire Department used the Jaws of life and other hydraulic equipment to try free the man.

Jamieson said that people had minor to serious injuries and were stabilised on the scene before being transported to various Durban Hospital for the further treatment that they required.

“At this stage the events leading up to the accident are unknown however SAPS were on the scene and will be investigating further,” said Jamieson.

MasterDrive chief executive Eugene Herbert has since shared road safety tips for the festive season

Most motorists who will be taking long-distance holiday trips may encounter reckless drivers on the way.

Safe driving during the festive season not only depends on being a responsible driver but also on knowing how to handle these reckless drivers.

Festive season road safety tips

Herbert said the ultimate rule when it comes to reckless drivers is to put as much distance between the vehicles.

“While it might be frustrating to encounter a driver who puts you at risk, the best way is to allow the driver to pass,” said Herbert.

There are some common scenarios in which you may encounter this:

Reckless overtaking:

If a driver is pressuring you to move over so they can pass but you can see that there’s oncoming traffic or you feel uncomfortable, continue driving calmly and maintain your position until you feel that it is safe to do so.

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Fast and reckless drivers:

If a driver is swerving between lanes at a speed, safely move out of their way, so they can pass you without swerving around you or driving up too close behind you.

On a single-carriageway, wait until you see a safe opportunity and then move over to let them pass.

Vehicles travelling too close behind you:

Again, move over and let them pass as soon as possible. However, you should also react with additional time to obstacles you see ahead.

For example, if you know you need to turn off soon, put your indicator on long before you usually would so the driver knows you’re going to slow down
and turn off.

Unroadworthy vehicles:

There are definite signs that can indicate to you that you should move away from certain vehicles, such as broken brake and indicators lights, that can endanger you should something fail.

In addition to being wary of reckless drivers, make sure that you yourself do not become one.

“If someone doesn’t let you pass immediately, it is possible they see something you don’t. Give the cues of other drivers some consideration.”

“Avoid pressurising drivers to do things they are clearly not comfortable with,” said Herbert.

“During wet weather, if motorists around you slow down, do the same as well. Your speed should be based on the conditions of the road and the vehicles around you.”