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17 Dec 2021
6:12 pm

There will be zero tolerance to any transgression on the roads, warns RTMC

Citizen Reporter

The RTMC has also warned those travelling to KwaZulu-Natal of the wet weather road conditions on the N3 Durban.

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The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has warned motorists against reckless driving as travellers make their way to their holiday destinations.

“There will be zero tolerance to any transgression,” said the RTMC’s Simon Zwane on Friday.

“It’s been a fairly event free day. More than 1,700 vehicles passing an hour at Carousel. We are now at the peak of travelling for this period. From tomorrow, it will be very low numbers until the 24th. We are expecting that people will be travelling to their various destinations for Christmas. So far we’re not seeing those heavily overloaded trailers and buses. Maybe they’re planning to come in later but they will be caught,” RTMC’s Zwane told Newzroom Afrika.

The RTMC has also warned those travelling to KwaZulu-Natal of the wet weather road conditions on the N3 Durban.

“Turn on your headlights to see and be seen. Slow down during rainy conditions, reduce speed gradually by taking your foot off the accelerator. Increase the distance between vehicles,” said the RTMC.

While Bakwena Platinum has assured road users that all lanes at its plazas will be open to accommodate busy conditions, planning travel times can be helpful to avoid traffic.

“There will be no construction or closed lanes along the N1N4 route as from 15 December 2021,” says Bakwena.

Bakwena spokesperson, Solomon Kganyago, says various additional measures have been ramped up along the route, including partnering with various authorities to ensure the safety of motorists travelling the route.

“An additional safety and convenience measure is the dedicated Tap and Go credit card facility available at selected plazas along the N1N4 route for South African chip enabled credit cards. Using this lane will save you time and eliminate your contact with plaza operators, thereby reducing your exposure to Covid-19,” said Kganyago.

Debit cards and foreign credit cards are not accepted along the N1N4 route.

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