Sipho Mabena
Premium Journalist
3 minute read
3 May 2021
6:16 pm

Next few weeks will see massive ramp-up in SA’s vaccine rollout

Sipho Mabena

Rural and underserved areas will need alternative delivery platforms for the vaccines and the help of the private sector to ensure they're not left behind.

Picture: Neil McCartney

Despite a slow start and the on-again off-again Covid-19 vaccine rollout, experts have expressed faith in South Africa's ability and infrastructure to ramp up inoculations but will need to make the best of both public and private resources. To date, 318,670 healthcare workers have been vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine under the Sisonke Study, but this was temporarily halted following reports of a rare clotting condition. ALSO READ: 300,000 Pfizer vaccines arrive in South Africa The first batch of 325,260 doses of Pfizer vaccines arrived in the country on Monday morning, with approximately the same number of doses...