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King Charles’ coronation: EFF calls for return of ‘Star of Africa’ diamond

The diamond, which weighs 530 carats, was discovered in South Africa in 1905 and presented to the British monarchy

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has demanded the return of the world’s largest diamond, known as the Star of Africa.

The diamond, which weighs 530 carats, is set in the royal sceptre that King Charles III held at his coronation on Saturday.

It was discovered in South Africa in 1905 and presented to the British monarchy by the colonial government in the country, which was then under British rule.

Coronation of King Charles

Charles III finally met his date with destiny after a lifetime as heir to his late mother Queen Elizabeth II, as he was officially crowned king in the first coronation in Britain since 1953.

During the coronation, Charles held the royal sceptre with the Star of Africa – officially known as Cullinan I.

The diamond in the sceptre was cut from the Cullinan diamond, a 3 100-carat stone mined near Pretoria.

Star of Africa diamond

The EFF demanded the diamond be returned to South Africa.

“Today, 116 years later, the King of England, Charles III continues in the pompous steps of his predecessors flaunting the stolen Star of Africa at his coronation.

“Apartheid criminal Louis Botha handed over the Star of Africa to the ruthless British colonisers in 1907. Botha, was a well-known apartheid criminal who had no legitimacy to hand over the Star of Africa.

“The British monarchy had no dignified grounds to accept it, let alone still parade it as British glory 116 years later,” the red berets said.

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‘Not My King’

Meanwhile, the phrase ‘Not My King’ was trending on social media on Saturday as people protested against the crowning of Charles.

UK police arrested key members of the anti-monarchy group Republic as they prepared to demonstrate along the procession route for the coronation.

Among those arrested was Republic’s chief executive, Graham Smith.

Bystanders were chanting “Free Graham Smith”, countered by protesters singing “God Save The King” while waving UK flags.

Additional reporting by By Cheryl Kahla

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