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Limpopo MEC Thandi Moraka slams Ramaphosa sculpture critics

Instead of criticising, South Africans should be supporting the artist, says the MEC.

Limpopo MEC for Sports, Arts and Culture Thandi Moraka has hit back at social media users who have been making fun of the statue of President Cyril Ramaphosa. Pictures of the sculpture have been circulating on social media, with those recirculating them claiming the statue was unveiled by Moraka on Saturday, while some questioned if it was real.

Those who criticised it said it looked nothing like the president.

Moraka has come out in defence of the statue, clarifying that though it was not unveiled on Saturday, it was real. If the sculpture was unveiled on Saturday, the president would have been in attendance, added Moraka.

She said the sculpture was done last year by an emerging artist from Tshisaulu in Venda as a gesture to the president. The artworks are now kept at the Matsila Royal Kraal.

She said: “The sculpture of the president was done last year by an emerging artist from Tshisahulu in the Vhembe District as a gesture to the president and also trying to showcase his God-given talent. All these artworks are at the Matsila Royal Kraal and the Chief did not even pay a cent to this artwork.

“The statue was not a government initiative but that of our emerging artist who really needs to be supported for him to realise his dream of being an artist. How do I unveil the statue of the president without the involvement of the president himself? I went to Matsila to support the sport tournament initiative that was done by the chief and His Royal Kraal. Let’s trend for the right reason and that is the Sport Tournament that is initiated to foster Social Cohesion and unity among the divided communities of Vuwani.”

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