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By Faizel Patel

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At least 50 journalists killed since Israel’s bombing of Gaza – CPJ

journalists must not be targeted by “warring parties.”

As Israel continues to attack Gaza, at least 50 journalists and media workers have been killed since Israel’s attack on the enclave.

This is according to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), who said the numbers include casualties of Tuesday’s offensive.  

Journalism is not a crime

CPJ said the second-deadliest day for journalist deaths occurred on 18 November, with five killed while the deadliest day of the war was its first day, October 7, when six journalists were killed.

“CPJ is investigating all reports of journalists and media workers killed, injured, or missing in the war, which has led to the deadliest month for journalists since CPJ began gathering data in 1992.”

“Journalists in Gaza face particularly high risks as they try to cover the conflict during the Israeli ground assault, including devastating Israeli airstrikes, disrupted communications, supply shortages and extensive power outages,” CPJ said.

According to Hamas leader in Gaza Ismail Haniya, more than 60 journalists were killed by the Israeli airstrikes across Gaza, 32 were seriously wounded, while two others remain missing.

“More than 131 media and press offices in Gaza [have been] completely destroyed by the Israeli occupation army.”

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Journalist are not targets

The committee said the 50 reporters killed include 45 Palestinians, four Israelis, and one Lebanese.

CPJ is also investigating numerous unconfirmed reports of other journalists being killed, missing, detained, hurt, or threatened, and of damage to media offices and journalists’ homes.”

Sherif Mansour, CPJ’s Middle East and North Africa program coordinator said journalists must not be targeted by “warring parties”.

“Journalists across the region are making great sacrifices to cover this heart-breaking conflict. Those in Gaza, in particular, have paid, and continue to pay, an unprecedented toll and face exponential threats. Many have lost colleagues, families, and media facilities, and have fled seeking safety when there is no safe haven or exit.”

Other casualties

Israel’s bombing of the Gaza Strip has killed more than 12 000 Palestinians, most of them women and children, while thousand more including children – are reported missing, potentially trapped, or deceased beneath the rubble, according to the enclave’s Health Ministry.

The attack by Israel came after Hamas launched a surprise offensive on 7 October, which left 1 200 people – mostly civilians – dead, with 239 hostages, according to revised Israeli figures.

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