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7 Aug 2017
2:43 pm

Man didn’t save drowning woman because he ‘had no one to give his phones’

Citizen reporter

Putting them on the pavement was not an option as he was afraid someone would take them.


A man from Uganda has been trending on Twitter, receiving criticism for apparently just watching a woman drown when he could have done something to save her. A TV screenshot of the man being interviewed shows subtitles on the screen of the man saying: “She jumped and fell into the water. I wanted to save her but I had nobody to give my phones.”

According to the Twitter user who shared the screenshot, the woman drowned while allegedly running away from agency members who did not want her to sell handkerchiefs on the streets.

The man has divided Twitter, with some saying he was just being honest, while some alleged he had compared human life to his phones.

“I watched the clip on the news and couldn’t believe my ears. So sad how we value material possessions more than human life. Gosh, phones,” wrote one angry Twitter user.

Some said he did the right thing as he too would have drowned because he wasn’t a trained lifeguard. Had he jumped in, he would have died too, they argued.

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