Dirk Lotriet
2 minute read
31 Jan 2020
6:20 am

Like millennials show us, humans are getting dumber

Dirk Lotriet

I believe Generation Y’s dependence on the internet is to blame. They outsource thinking to it.

Dirk Lotriet.

Millennials are probably the least intelligent generation ever to walk the face of this planet. I know they will feel offended by this theory, but I don’t care. Facts don’t give a damn about the feelings of Generation Me. I was fascinated to read about the Flynn effect this week – the steady growth in the average IQ scores over the last century. But since the mid ’70s, the Flynn effect is reversing at an alarming rate of about seven IQ points per generation. In short: people are officially becoming dumber. Scientists are baffled by this decline in intelligence, but...