Dirk Lotriet
2 minute read
7 Feb 2020
6:20 am

We live in a very sick world, without a sick note

Dirk Lotriet

Please be the medical aid of society – not part of the disease.

A slightly censored still from Josh Pieters' YouTube video with Katie Hopkins.

It has always been ill, but lately our world has been moved from the universe’s sickbay to ICU. And, unlike former president Jacob Zuma, it doesn’t have a sick note. Just look at the facts: Zuma is accused of corruption – which in itself is a disease. His legal team submitted an allegedly ambiguous sick note stating a “medical condition”. Of course Judge Dhaya Pillay promptly issued a warrant of arrest, as the law prescribes. Parts of the ANC criticised Pillay for this decision, which indicates an unhealthy disrespect for the judiciary system. But to balance it out, the opposition,...