Kabelo Chabalala
4 minute read
20 May 2020
5:11 pm

Did you know that there is an International Day for the Boy Child?

Kabelo Chabalala

It looks like the boys are invisible and forgotten.

Kabelo Chabalala.

Did you know that 16 May 2020 was celebrated as the International Day of the Boy Child, also known as International Boys’ Day? On 22 January 2018, Dr Jerome Teelucksingh from Trinidad and Tobago in the Carribbean sent a letter to government leaders and NGOs calling for the inaugural observance of this particular day to celebrate and acknowledge the boy child. Sadly, many of us didn’t even know that a few days ago the boy child was supposed to be celebrated. It didn’t make the headlines. The pandemic didn't stop us from honouring our mothers on Mother’s Day. God forbid!...