Dirk Lotriet
2 minute read
15 Jan 2021
4:30 am

What’s the delay with the jabs?

Dirk Lotriet

If the delay is due to billions disappearing like Pumpkin’s owner, it will kill thousands of front-line workers and normal South Africans.

Vaccine. Picture: Randburg Sun

My mother-in-law’s neighbour is missing. Over the festive season, she took to daytime drinking in the nearby cemetery with two sleazy characters. And then she was gone. Her little dog was locked in her house and was terribly traumatised when we saved the hungry, thirsty animal. “How can anyone do this to a defenceless animal?” asked the lovely Snapdragon. “She has always been very friendly to me,” I replied with the exhausted Pumpkin in my arms. Much too friendly for my liking,” said Snapdragon grumpily. We took Pumpkin home. Rocky, the miniature pincher, loves her, but Sweetpea, our Boston terrier,...