Carine Hartman
Chief sub-editor
2 minute read
6 Mar 2021
8:33 am

Life’s black eyes never lie so let’s roll with its punches

Carine Hartman

Look past the sunglasses or the smudge of Mel Gibson’s blue make-up and you’ll see: the people waiting to help us have black eyes too.

Eye injury, male with black eye isolated on white man after accident or fight with bruise. Picture: iStock

Who-Hoo! Level 1!  I, again, like William Wallace Mel Gibson-style shout: Freedom! My black eyes are maybe just not Gibson’s blue make-up (too soon, too soon). But we all have black eyes, I realise after I talk to my psychiatrist friend. He’s high up; the highest you want: head of an anti-depressant countrywide lifeline; “renowned” on the international stage – but for me? Just Frans. And Frans tells me plenty about black eyes. “This woman sits across my desk: ‘Doctor, I lost my job; I have no family; please?’ What do I tell her, Carine? How do I give her...