Isaac Mashaba
4 minute read
26 Apr 2022
4:00 am

Crime pays well in South Africa: The political landscape is infested with nests of criminals

Isaac Mashaba

Our state officials and ministers have no shame in enriching themselves at the expense of those who are victims of natural disasters and poor economic policies.

Image: Twitter

It is said that when a government shamelessly passes laws to protect criminal elements within its ranks, it has passed the verge of moral collapse. This is a guiding principle our ruling elite have followed to protect themselves and their comrades. They have, over a short time, taught themselves that crime pays, and it pays well. This is borne out by recent reports that over the past five years, more than R1.5 trillion has been stolen. This is the money that was to be used to uplift people, create jobs, ensure service delivery, stimulate our economy and maintain and modernise...