Carine Hartman
Chief sub-editor
2 minute read
11 Jun 2022
7:45 am

There’s a fine line between free speech and hurtful words

Carine Hartman

Apartheid and this beloved paper do not breathe the same space.

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How very – what’s the right word? – “interesting”, the take on my paper’s decision to give the Russian press attaché’s drivel some editorial space. Enabling? Validating? No. Try free speech. Nothing cute about it; it’s what this paper has always strived for: both sides of the story. I know this not because I’m fiercely loyal to a salaried job (I am), but because I’ve lived it here for the past six years. And before you, my dearest reader, accuse me of indulging too much in the red as some of you do: I’m talking about a certain column in...