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By Kekeletso Nakeli


People like Ace and Xolani: In power, but not untouchable

Personalities like Ace Magashule's just keep on multiplying, such as Kopanong local municipality ANC mayor Xolani Tseletsele.

When any organisation has personalities that become bigger than it, the ones who feel the pinch are the ones who must survive the exploits of such squabbles – in comes the ANC and its leaders.

For the longest time it seemed as if Ace Magashule could do no wrong, no matter the severity of the allegations – it kept falling on deaf ears, or so we thought.

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Misconduct would be reported, there would be a flurry of reports and batting of eyelids then, slowly, silence would cover the allegations until the next scandal in the ANC.

Today, he finds himself outside of the safety net of the movement – and yet, it seems personalities like his just keep on multiplying, such as Kopanong local municipality ANC mayor Xolani Tseletsele.

Look at power structures

The government must take stock of the criminality that lurks within their own power structures. While the work of the Zondo commission seems to be yielding wonderful results – at what cost? Justice for those who govern clearly comes at a very expensive cost to the taxpayer.

While our justice system, including the Hawks and National Prosecuting Authority, seem to be faring well in bringing to book those who have brought into disrepute the powers of government, the real test should be on the ability to act swiftly.

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How much decay will they allow while they “internally investigate”? Gearing up for the local elections, allegiances are being set. At what cost? Costs that will, in the end, be for the country, the economy – the local men and women to pay while the best of times are being had by the rulers of the land.

And when a citizen speaks to the lack of service delivery, an esteemed mayor goes off on a rant, with no consideration of the consequences of his actions, believing in his impunity.

Unaffected by everyday troubles

The arrogance… Can’t be accountable for their failure to delivery and angered by being reminded of the service charter, it seems as if our leaders are unaffected by the everyday troubles of citizens.

One must then ask, at what cost to the public, at what enrichment to his pocket? This continued self-enrichment will continue to drag an entire country down while a minority enriches itself.

Cull these dead thorns…