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Creed no excuse for lawlessness

Two traffic officers were attacked by Revelation Church of God congregants for trying to town away illegally parked vehicles in Johannesburg.

One can’t help but wonder whether some of the Christian churches which have mushroomed around the country recently have heard about the Bibilical injunction to “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”…

Put simply, this acknowledges that in the interest of making the administration of any society smoother, Christians should cooperate with a government.

Obviously, Christians should not blindly obey the dictates of a government if it conflicts with the basic tenets of the religion.

But it is outrageous that congregants of the Revelation Church of God in Hillbrow should have physically attacked traffic officers who were trying to tow away illegally parked vehicles.

Two officers were injured and one had to be hospitalised – and congregants stole a service pistol from an officer. Nothing justifies an attack on a law officer by anyone, let alone by worshippers who supposedly answer to a god of nonviolence.

Earlier this year, churches from the Soweto area protested about an alleged “anti-Christian” stance on the part of DA mayor Herman Mashaba because the Joburg metro cops had been trying to enforce municipal by-laws after complaints from residents in Soweto.

This sort of lawless behaviour must not be allowed to continue, nor must religion be used to justify anarchy.

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