Martin Williams
3 minute read
31 Mar 2021
5:55 am

Road name changes can’t fix what’s wrong with the ANC

Martin Williams

In an election year, with the economy in tatters, and Johannesburg a crime scene for Covid-fund looting, the ANC wants to spend money renaming William Nicol Drive.

The renaming of William Nicol Drive in Johannesburg has its critics. Picture: Twitter

At Winnie Madikizela-Mandela’s April 2018 funeral, Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema asked for a hint from the grave. “Give us a sign, Mama”, he pleaded, eliciting boos and cheers. He was lambasting opportunistic ANC “sell-outs” who had betrayed her. News24 said Malema attacked “those he claimed disowned the leader but were now claiming her as one of their own”. That’s still true of the divided ANC. Over decades, Winnie was alternately shunned and lionised. Abused and used when convenient. Now, the ANC wants to give Winnie a sign. Or rather many road signs bearing her name. The timing is...