Dirk Lotriet
2 minute read
14 Jan 2022
4:00 am

It may be ‘back to normal’, but make 2022 the year to care

Dirk Lotriet

Our lives are extremely busy and we forget that we all have a penguin beating in our chests. This year I plan to care for penguins.

Cape Town, South Africa. Boulders Beach just beyond Simonstown on the Cape Peninsula. A protected area for penguins and a popular toursist beach.

Good grief! This last festive season raced by in a flash. It’s back to normal in the Lotriet abode. The lovely Snapdragon and I return to work on Monday but the five-year-old Egg has already started Grade R at the local primary school. Not that it didn’t take convincing to get her to go. When we flew back from Cape Town on Tuesday, she was adamant: she’s just going to pack a bag, pick up her dog and her Jozi grandmother and fly back to the Mother City. After her first primary school day, she told us school is fun,...