Editorial staff
1 minute read
10 Jan 2022
5:15 am

Edenvale Hospital a sad indictment of medical system

Editorial staff

Sick or in need of medical assistance, public hospitals sadly are the only option for most.

Edenvale Hospital. Photo: Citizen.co.za/Neil McCartney

In the Saturday Citizen edition, we revealed what a sorry state the Edenvale Hospital finds itself. Thank goodness doctors and nurses maintain a positive approach to treating the endless stream of patients needing care. The facilities, however, tell a different story with little, if any, maintenance been applied to the “broken” hospital. Several restrooms are out of order, the others that are in “working order” are in a sorry state, and the entire hospital has a damp feel to it. With no medical aid and most struggling to put food on the table, the majority of the nation can’t afford...