Editorial staff
2 minute read
12 May 2022
5:40 am

Tourism is a gift that keeps on giving

Editorial staff

More needs to be done to encourage investment in the sector and to educate our people about the importance of tourism.

In the middle of Kruger National Park, South Africa's most celebrated game reserve, a luxury train takes passengers but never moves. At the Kruger Shalati - known as the Train on the Bridge - guests gaze over the animals kingdom, from the golden sunrise until the Milky Way spills across the nighttime sky. (Photo by Michele Spatari / AFP)

When it comes to caring for a goose which lays golden eggs, one needs to ensure that it is comfortable, well fed, and protected from danger. And, if you get the right goose minder, that’s a big step. Essentially, we have a flock of golden geese in our fantastic tourist attractions. And, rather than liquidating them to assuage short-term hunger – be that for land or for money – we should look after them. Tourism is a renewable resource, not like mining, which is extractive and finite. The sector can provide jobs for hundreds of thousands of people and bring...