Editorial staff
1 minute read
17 May 2022
5:45 am

We are breeding an angry generation of unemployed and underemployed youth

Editorial staff

This is a warning about the lack of opportunities for all young people.

Natalie Pedreiro is battling but keeps a positive attitude. Photo: Hein Kaiser

When Natalie Pedreiro, 19, who works at a Linksfield coffee shop as a waitress, describes her life, it’s a sad indictment of a broken country with soaring unemployment rate. She sent out hundreds of CVs and the response was the same: Sorry, not enough experience. She had a job – as a carer at a preschool – but lost it because of Covid. She is the first to acknowledge that she is fortunate to have connections to get the coffee shop job and to have the family she can stay with and who can transport her to and from work....