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Thumbs up to changes in racing

Mike Moon discusses the rise of black trainers in South African horse racing, bringing welcomed diversity.

Our racing expert, Mike Moon, writes today about the prospects for black horse racing trainers now coming to the fore as the multibillion industry slowly changes.

This transformation is to be welcomed, because the scarcity of black trainers in South African horse racing has always been a cause for concern.

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And, in saying that we are not being politically correct or following the ANC’s party line about affirmative action.

Many of the trainers now starting to get good results have worked their way up through the industry from the bottom and have learned with some of the best in the sector… people who have shared their experience and expertise.

Some of these deserving entrants have also been given a financial leg up by sponsors because racing is an expensive industry in which to start a career or business.

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And this is not charity on behalf of the racing fraternity. If the industry is to survive into the future, amid multiple threats from other forms of sport and gaming, it must attract that wider, black audience.

Black jockeys have been leading the way and becoming dominant in the local game, says Moon.

The racecourses of South African are being stead levelled so there can be equal, but exciting, competition.

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