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By Cheryl Kahla

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Sassa social grant increase and payment dates for October

Get ready for an uptick in Sassa social grants starting this October. From the elderly to children, everyone stands to gain a little more.

The SA Social Security Agency (Sassa), the governmental body in charge of disbursing financial assistance to the needy, announced an upcoming hike in social grant payments.

The increases are scheduled to take effect in October.

Sassa grant increases

Beneficiaries can access their revised grants from various paypoints, including selected supermarkets – Pick n Pay, Boxer, USave, Checkers, and Shoprite.

You will have the option to use your Sassa card or CashSend option. Direct bank transfers are also available.

Breakdown of the social grants increase

For the elderly (60-75 years):

The grant will rise from R2 080 to R2 090, a modest increase of R10.

Senior citizens (Over 75):

These individuals will also benefit from an R10 increase, moving from R2 100 to R2 110.

Individuals with disabilities:

Their grants will see an increment from R2 080 to R2 090.

Child support:

Parents will now receive R510 instead of the current R500.

Child support top-up:

This particular grant will stay at R250.

Foster child assistance:

The grant will move from R1 120 to R1 130.

Care dependency:

Individuals under this category will also receive an R10 increase, going from R2 080 to R2 090.

War veterans:

Their grant will climb from R2 100 to R2 110.


This will also rise from R500 to R510.

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Upcoming Sassa grant payment dates

Wondering when you’ll be able to access your grants in October?

The schedule for the months of October and November 2023 is as follows:

Sassa grant dates – October:

  • Older persons will receive their grants on October 3
  • Those with disabilities on October 4
  • All other grants will be disbursed on October 5.

Sassa grant dates – November:

  • Older persons will receive their social grants on November 2,
  • Those with disabilities on November 3,
  • All other grants will be disbursed on November 6.