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9 May 2017
3:56 pm

Some escaped Kruger lions darted and retrieved

Citizen Reporter

The lions may have split into two groups, so the public has been asked to remain vigilant, as some of the beasts may be in their back yards.

Screen-grab of a lion. Illustration purposes only.

A few of the lions that escaped on Monday from the Kruger National Park were being recaptured one by one on Tuesday afternoon on the border with Swaziland.

Reports had earlier suggested that the original group of five or six lions had probably split into two groups, and SANParks officials told the media that they had so far only made sightings of three of the (presumably) five lions.

The first of the lions was darted and recaptured at about noon, while the second was bagged a few hours later, all with the help of a helicopter.

At about 3pm, eNCA reporter Mike Appel shared video content on Twitter of the second lion being captured.


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