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19 Oct 2017
11:28 am

Mashaba approaches court to deport undocumented foreigners

Citizen Reporter

The removal of 'illegal' migrants in Johannesburg forms part of Mashaba's 'cleanup' process to renew the CBD and recover city-owned buildings.

File picture: Mayor of Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba. Picture: Neil McCartney

Undocumented migrants are in for a tough time, as Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba intends on forcefully deporting them from the city.

Mashaba’s lawyers will institute a high court application against Ayandla Dlodlo, who was recently appointed home affairs minister, next week.

The removal of so-called illegal migrants in Johannesburg forms part of Mashaba’s cleanup process, which involves renewing the CBD and recovering city-owned buildings.

Mashaba has requested that the home affairs department regulate immigration, but decided to take the matter to court, as he was out of options.

Speaking to EWN, he said: “We’re under chaos now. People are running all over the show with no documentation, so I want to bring back the rule of law. Four to five months down the line, I’m going to have an issue, so I’m dealing with this up front.”