Gopolang Moloko
2 minute read
12 Apr 2018
11:09 am

WATCH: We found the opulent hustler who thinks you’re educated and still broke

Gopolang Moloko

Mr ‘The Educated Can Enjoy Slaving Away’ was caught looking too common. He may have made up the lavish lifestyle he claimed he was living.

A man is on a mission to impress calling the educated 'kota eaters' and the uneducated 'Hustlers'.

All that glitters is not gold, said William Shakespeare, and this may apply to a man who went on a rant mocking the educated by claiming they slaved away while he lived a lavish lifestyle despite being uneducated.

The man goes by the name Sjukusjuku Mncwane on Facebook.

He certainly has a taste for the finer things in life.

We found another video of Mr Mncwane, who prides himself as a street hustler living in opulence.

In videos uploaded since April 5, Mncwane has been charismatically mocking all those who have gone to school to get an education but still remained unemployed. As for him, he claims he drives a Jeep SRT while uneducated.

He continues to imply in all his videos that he did not need an education to obtain what he already had – fast cars, a big house and frequent trips to Ocean Basket.

But Mncwane has appeared in a recent video, seemingly caught off-guard.

According to voices in the background, the ‘street hustler’ was busted looking a little too common.

A voice questions why the ‘street hustler’ was seen eating ‘iskopo’ (a sheep’s head) as opposed to being in a lavish restaurant.

His reply – although it’s apparent he has been caught off-guard – was that he had to be seen pleasing his fans by mingling with them.

Mncwane has definitely caught the eye of many on social media, with some seconding his machismo. Others on social media appear to think he’s just a fad.

Others seem to think Mncwane was killed in a cash-in-transit heist.