Paula-Ann Smit
2 minute read
17 Jul 2018
10:56 am

Kempton Park father finds ‘kidnapped’ son after three days

Paula-Ann Smit

Mystery surrounds the safe return of 22-year-old Eric James.

Kempton Park resident Eric James (22) was allegedly kidnapped last week Tuesday.

A Kempton Park man who was allegedly kidnapped outside Kempton Park Magistrates’ Court last week Tuesday was found unharmed three days later, reports Kempton Express.

Mystery surrounds the safe return of Eric James, 22, as little information is available about his alleged capture and rescue.

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It was Eric’s father, Johan, who found his son outside Kempton Park around midnight on Friday.

“I got information from someone, who wishes to remain anonymous, about where Eric was,” he said telephonically on Monday morning. “I drove to the location and found him.”

Johan did not wish to disclose where this location was, but said relief washed over him when he saw his son alive. On the evening of Eric’s alleged kidnapping three days earlier, he received a terrifying message stating: “We’ve got your son … don’t call the police, or we’ll kill him.”

The suspects also demanded a ransom of R100 000.

“We embraced when we saw each other, but we didn’t talk much.” According to Johan, Eric is still traumatised.

The 22-year-old did not wish to speak to Kempton Express, but released a statement through his father.

“I’m OK and unharmed. Thank you to everyone involved in the case for your excellent service.” He will be resting as much as possible following the event.

When Kempton Express spoke to Kempton Park SAPS spokesperson Captain Jethro Mtshali on Monday morning, he had no knowledge of Eric’s safe return.

“This is the first I’ve heard about it,” he said, adding he had spoken to the investigating officer the same morning. Mtshali then stated that he would give comment as soon as all the information had been gathered.

Express reported earlier that Eric was at Kempton Park Magistrates’ Court to testify in a case. He went to see his brother outside the court where his motorcycle was parked when the alleged kidnapping took place.

“I thank my God that he held His hand over my son,” Johan said. “I thank my God that my child is alive.”

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