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12 Aug 2018
12:11 pm

ProKid was allegedly abusing drugs heavily before he died

Citizen Reporter

The late rapper's mistress, however, has said he'd been suffering from ill health and depression, but said nothing about drugs.


Reports on Sunday about recently deceased rapper ProKid, real name Linda Mkhize, suggest that many saw him as a “troubled man” who was perhaps even using drugs to get through his days.

His family and friends have strongly denied the allegations, although insiders and neighbours told City Press that the 37-year-old was deeply troubled. One called him a “walking junkie” who was barely recognisable towards the end.

He died at a block of flats in inner-city Joburg, where one neighbour said he’d lost a lot of weight before reportedly having his fatal seizure.

Mkhize’s manager dismissed the allegations, but industry insiders said Pro’s career was not going well and he wasn’t getting many bookings.

Sunday World furthermore reported that the flat in which he passed belongs to Mkhize’s alleged lover, Mandisa Mbanjwa, who he had been seeing the musician for a year without the knowledge of his wife, Ayanda.

Mkhize’s wife was reportedly very emotional about having to authorise the removal of her husband’s corpse from the other woman’s flat after he had spent about a week there. Guards at the building said ProKid had been spending so much time there that they regarded him as a tenant.

The two met 13 years ago, when ProKid was first exploding on to the music scene, his mistress said, and they only became romantic 12 years later. Mbanjwa described him as being sick, though “he was hiding it”. They were reportedly planning to have a child together. He already had a three-year-old daughter with his wife.

Mbanjwa said Mkhize had claimed to have ulcers and was suffering from depression due to alleged poor treatment from the music industry. Although he won many awards and many of his albums were very popular, he never scooped a Sama.

His family had earlier described Mkhize’s mistress’ apartment as the home of a “friend”. They will be laying him to rest next weekend.