Riaan van Zyl
1 minute read
13 Aug 2018
3:24 pm

West Rand property owner to be ‘directly affected by land expropriation’ speaks out

Riaan van Zyl

Starting a 'war talk' would be counterproductive, especially because the list released by AfriForum earmarking properties for expropriation is not yet verified, he said.

Photo: Pixabay. For illustrative purposes.

The owner of three properties in the Zwartkop area, which is allegedly a target area for government’s test run for expropriation without compensation (EWC), has spoken about the unfolding drama.

He spoke on condition of anonymity, saying he was afraid of being victimised after repeatedly being attacked on his properties.

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“I have opened more than 20 cases at the local police station, four for attempted murder. But nothing ever gets done. They just take fingerprints, and you never hear from them again. All these attacks on us make us feel that they are softening us up. Like it’s all orchestrated, with EWC as the end goal,” he told the Roodepoort Record.

He explained that he bought one of his properties at a bankruptcy auction seven years ago. “Anyone could have bought it,” he said.

“Now what? Do we just have gather our belongings and silently walk away? Or are we going to take a stand? That raises the question of whether we will take a stand alone or together.

“There are obviously many ways we could try and counter this, such as turning to the United Nations, and using social media to garner support for our plight. I can promise you one thing though, if they come for my land, I will burn it to the ground. They will get nothing,” he said.

But he agreed with Agri SA, saying it would be reckless to start ‘war talk’ if the list that was released by AfriForum has not been verified.

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