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26 Aug 2018
1:53 pm

We ‘played a role’ in Trump’s tweet, says AfriForum’s Roets

Citizen Reporter

The Afriforum CEO says he believes his organisation managed to influence Donald Trump on the SA land issue.

AfriForum deputy CEO Ernst Roets, left, and CEO Kallie Kriel while in the US to garner support. Image: Twitter/Ernst Roets

AfriForum CEO Ernst Roets told the Sunday Times that he believes his organisation has influenced US Donald Trump to take an interest in the land situation South Africa.

“I believe our trip played a role,” he said.

Trump recently made news after a tweet in which he stated he’d told his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to monitor the situation in South Africa due to what he described as “land and farm seizures… and the large-scale killing of farmers”.

Asked how he feels about Trump’s recent tweet, Roets said: “We welcome it. We think it’s great news.”

Roets and fellow AfriForum leader took a trip to the US earlier this year with the intention of lobbying the government to involve itself in the situation regarding land in SA as well as what the organisation appears to believe is an organised effort to kill white farmers.

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Asked if he is concerned that Trump’s newfound interest in our land situation will lead to sanctions, Ernst said yes, but added: “But don’t blame the messenger.”

Ernst also said, when asked if he told those he spoke to in the US that we are a Constitutional Democracy, that he has “serious doubts” that this is the case based on some judgements made at SA’s top court.

The AfriForum lobbying tour, which saw them visit both the UK and the US, was criticised by voices including that of president Cyril Ramaphosa.

Ramaphosa accused the organisation of truing to mobilise the international community against “their own country,” and suggested that they should “come back home for inclusive dialogue.”

Kriel denied, this, saying: “To portray AfriForum’s international campaign as a campaign against South Africa is false. The opposite is in fact true: the aim of our campaign is to protect South Africa against the violation of property rights.

“It is directed at preventing the ANC from destroying the economy by means of ill-considered policies, at the expense of everyone in the country,” Kriel continued.

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