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Makhosandile Zulu
3 minute read
18 Oct 2018
1:34 pm

Bail application for two officers nabbed for Bradley Sauls’ murder postponed

Makhosandile Zulu

The two police officers and seven of their co-accused face charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, corruption, possession of illegal firearms and ammunition, and kidnapping.

The Ennerdale community is protesting "in solidarity with Westbury". Photo: @LiberalsAreNaiv

The bail application of the two policemen and seven other suspects who were arrested in connection with the murder of 21-year-old Bradley Sauls from Westbury was postponed in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court today (Thursday) to next week Tuesday, October 23.

The two allegedly corrupt officers from Sophiatown, Warrant Officer Wynand Steyn and Sergeant Tom Keet are alleged to have concealed crucial evidence after having arrived first on the scene of Saul’s murder.

Regional spokesperson for the national prosecuting authority (NPA) in Gauteng Phindi Mjonondwane said the postponement was to allow the attorneys for accused two, three, six, and seven to be present in court as the court could not proceed in their absence today.

“The lawyer for accused number two and three indicated to a colleague of his that he will be withdrawing but then that needs to be done properly as per procedures of the court, he must come to court and withdraw officially from the case,” Mjonondwane said.

The NPA hopes that next week a date will be set for a bail application, Mjonondwane said.

Mjonondwane said the state welcomes the postponement as it affords it more time to prepare affidavits opposing bail because the state is of the view that since this is a schedule six offence, the nine should be kept in custody “until they are dealt with in accordance with the law, unless they bring exceptional circumstances that permit their bail”.

The nine are facing charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, corruption, possession of illegal firearms and ammunition, and kidnapping, Mjonondwane said.

The last two accused in the matter were arrested on Monday. They appeared in court and were added to the case on Wednesday.

The two police officers made their first appearance last week and were added to the case as accused number six and accused number seven.

The community of Westbury went on violent and destructive protests recently, raising concerns about the high prevalence of drugs and gang-related violence in the area, as well as corrupt police officers who are allegedly bribed to turn a blind eye to criminal activity in the suburb.

Sophiatown Community Policing Forum (CPF) chairperson Tilly Micheals said the Westbury community is opposed to the bail of the nine linked to Sauls’ murder.

The chairperson said the considerable number of Westbury community members who were in court today to oppose the bail of the nine is evidence of “how the community feels, particularly about the two policemen that were supposed to be protecting us, that are working with people that are working against the community”.

“So no, we don’t want, the community doesn’t want them to get bail, not until this case goes on, and when the trial happens, the community will be here at the trial as well, up until they get locked up and rot in jail, like the people that they were supposed to arrest, so that our community can be clean.

“We need to start living differently and leaving our children a different legacy, that is the important thing that needs to be done here. We are not doing this for ourselves, we are doing this for the safety of our children.”

Meanwhile, Mjonondwane said all three accused in the Heather Peterson case have abandoned their bail application at this stage.

That case is also due back in court on Tuesday next week.

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