Reuven Blignault
1 minute read
19 Nov 2018
3:38 pm

Pet poop bins to encourage Bryanston Park dog walkers to clean up

Reuven Blignault

Four pooper scoopers have been placed in the Bryanston Park to help dog owners clean up after their pets.

One of the four pet waste bins and dispensers in Bryanston Park.

Members of the Vandia Gardens Residents Association have started a campaign to help owners who walk their dogs in the Bryanston Park conveniently clean up after them, reports Randburg Sun reports.

Chairperson of the Vandia Gardens Residents Association Richard Kushlick said: “One of our committee members, Rosemary Renton, is an avid dog walker who has always been annoyed by the number of times she visits the park to walk her dogs only to find that others who use the park have let their dogs poo all over the place, without cleaning it up.”

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Renton then came up with the idea to assist owners in helping to clean up after their dogs by placing four strategically located bins with dispensers and eco-friendly waste bags.

Shamwari, which means ‘friend’ in Swahili, sits near a pet waste bin and dispenser in Bryanston Park.

Park visitors who walk their dogs now have a convenient way to dispose of their pet’s waste.

Kushlick continued, “I suggested to her that we do this in a consumer-friendly way, and put up signs to inform people about what this project is all about. This sort of initiative helps to make our parks and environment cleaner, and this is definitely something that other community groups and the wider city should consider.”

The initiative was funded solely by the residents association, which in turn is funded by the membership of community members.

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