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21 Jan 2019
11:34 am

WATCH: Man says his forefathers would frown on charity to white beggar

Citizen Reporter

A black man complains about being disturbed by the white beggar while at the beach.

A video is doing the rounds on social media which shows an interaction between a white beggar and the driver of a vehicle who identifies as being black and refuses to give the beggar R2 due to his race.

In the video, the white beggar standing at the window of the passenger side asks the driver of the vehicle for R2.

The drive then questions the beggar: “My man, where were you when white people were taking black people’s stuff, where were you?

“My man, there a million black people who are struggling in the streets, for me to give you R2, I’d have to be the last man on earth or you have to have a gun on my head.

“White people are murderers, my man, you’ve killed our forefathers. You are here illegally and you still want me to give you a R2, my man, I feel disrespected,” the driver says.

The driver of the car then complains about being disturbed by the white beggar while he is working and relaxing at the beachfront and questions the beggar why he is “doing this”, who responds by saying that he is hungry.

“You hungry? What about all the black people who are stuck in shacks they are hungry too, what about them?”

The beggar responds that he would be willing to help those black people if he too is helped by them.

“ No, my man, how can you help people who have killed your entire generation and they have enslaved your people? It’s wrong, my man.

“I’m a very nice guy. I’m a very giving person, but my forefathers would kill me if I had to give a R2 to a white guy, no hard feelings, my brother, have a lovely day.”

Watch the video below:

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