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Ace on the Zondo commission, ANC divisions and MKVMA drama

The ANC secretary general commented on a number of hot-button issues discussed by the party at their 2018 NEC.

Speaking at a press briefing today, ANC secretary general (SG) Ace Magashule touched on a number of topics that have dominated headlines in recent months including president Ramaphosa’s stimulus package, the Zondo commission, the MKVMA drama and more.

This was part of his address aimed at briefing the media on everything the ANC discussed at their national executive committee (NEC) meeting held this past weekend.

Magashule was joined by ANC national spokesperson Pule Mabe and head of the presidency Zizi Kodwa.

He also revealed that the ANC will launch its manifesto next year in KwaZulu-Natal when the party celebrates its 107th anniversary on January 8, ahead of the 2019 elections.

“The focus was not anything other than renewing our structures, renewing our organization and further consolidating the unity of the movement,” said Magashule.

Unity was the order of the day as Magashule mentioned it countless times, adding that he loved working together with the president.

“Between me and president Cyril, we are working together, we are united. We are working, it’s progress, we are not focusing on rumors and perceptions. We are preoccupied with building this movement and addressing the challenges facing our communities,” stated Magashule.

When asked about the reported plots against Ramaphosa in an effort to oust him as president, Magashule simply stated that serving under him as SG has always been a pleasure.

“This is the time to plot against poverty, This is the time to plot against unemployment, This is the time to plot against inequalities, This is the time to plot against divisions,” added Magashule.

On unemployment

Magashule repeatedly mentioned the upcoming jobs summit which is set to begin on Thursday and stated the government was looking forward to it.

“We are excited of the proposals that will come from all stakeholders and how to get rid of youth unemployment,” he said.

On the economy

The party expressed their support for Ramaphosa’s stimulus package and urged the nation to join them in “implementing the recovery plan with urgency.”

Magashule also stated that government currently has “particular positions” with regards to the economic recovery plan, but would like to hear more submissions from the public at the job submit to come up with an inclusive solution.

On land

The party discussed recent remarks made by former president Thabo Mbeki. Magshule said the NEC reaffirmed the ANC’s resolution made at the 2017 conference, which cannot be changed overnight.

On state capture and corruption

The NEC also discussed the views of former president Jacob Zuma on state capture.

“Our position is clear on state capture and anybody who is called, who has to go there, will go there. I have said at all material times, there’s nothing wrong for me to go to the state capture [commission]. If I am called, if I am implicated, I will go there. And the ANC has also stated its position that it will go there and respond to those issues which have been raised around the banks and all those issues. It’s our own creations and we can’t run away from what we, ourselves, believe in, so that we deal with the perceptions, we deal with the rumors, we deal with the allegations,” added Magashule.

On Supra Mahumapelo and the North West

Following the disbandment of leadership in the area, a provincial task team (PTT) was established to deal with issues faced by the province.

The party wanted to make Mahumapelo a member of the PTT but Magashule confirmed that Mahumapelo recently wrote to the party and declined their suggestion. Magashule added that Mahumapelo will remain an ANC member “in good standing.”

According to Magashule, he has also indicated that should the ANC wish to redeploy him to work elsewhere in government, he remains ready to do so.

On divisions amongst MK veterans

Magashule said the divisions among MK veterans were discussed by the NEC and they directed an inclusive task team featuring representatives from the two groups (MKMVA and MK Council) to prepare for a representative elective conference after the national elections.

On the ANCYL

The ANC Youth League approached the NEC and begged the for assistance in ensuring that their elective conference is a success and to ensure that their agenda is “on course.”

The party has also established a task team featuring various former members of the ANCYL, including Fikile Mbalula, Zizi Kodwa, Lindiwe Zulu, Ronald Lamola and Magshule himself, to assist them in this regard.

Watch the ANC NEC press briefing below:

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