AfriForum overseas to fight ‘racist theft’

The lobby group is in the US to warn investors against 'land grabs'.

Afrikaans rights lobby group AfriForum is overseas to fight “racist theft” – or what everyone else refers to as land expropriation without compensation.

Lawyer and deputy CEO Ernst Roets tweeted that he, alongside CEO Kallie Kriel, arrived in Heathrow, and were on their way to the Texas for support against land expropriation without compensation and farm murders.

The lobby group are on a campaign launched last Tuesday during a briefing to warn investors against land expropriation.

AfriForum announced they had information on land ownership as well as a memorandum on expropriation of land without compensation, which they planned to take abroad and present to “investors”.

Roets said they would send a senior delegation to the United States, kicking off the international campaign against land expropriation.

The lobby group plans to provide a report on new information on land ownership in South Africa. Roets is confident that AfriForum are driven by the pursuit for truth.

AfriForum published the memorandum last week that they would use as a basis for their international campaign against the land policy.

The group believes the motion to expropriate property without compensation is based on a flawed state-driven land audit, which is “soaked with fabrications and methodical errors”.

Their reasoning is that arguments must be made that the land expropriation policy be executed so more black people can own property, but they said it only appeared that, according to the ANC and Economic Freedom Fighters’ policy documents, the intention is for the government to own land and not private individuals.

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