Bernadette Wicks
Senior court reporter
3 minute read
28 Jan 2021
4:47 am

Another court delay for Thulsie twins

Bernadette Wicks

Legal team argues the twins should be on trial in the regional court.

The Thulsie twins at the Johannesburg High Court, 27 January 2021. They are facing charges of terrorism and have been in custody since they were arrested in July 2016. Picture: Neil McCartney

The terror-accused Thulsie twins have launched an 11th-hour bid to have their case thrown out of court. On Wednesday – on the day their long-anticipated trial was scheduled to finally start in the High Court in Johannesburg – the Thulsies brought an application to have their case struck from the roll on a technicality. Their legal team argues the twins should in fact be on trial in the regional court – where they first appeared after they were arrested in 2016 – and that the transfer of their case to the high court was “irregular”. The state, however, maintains the...