Bernadette Wicks
Senior court reporter
3 minute read
23 Dec 2021
6:20 am

Legislative changes given the green light by ConCourt in 2021

Bernadette Wicks

More than 13 years after it was first published, the Constitutional Court in July declared Jon Qwelane’s 'Call me names but gay is not okay' column to be hate speech.

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In its founding provisions, the constitution establishes itself as “the supreme law of the republic” and states any laws which are inconsistent with its provisions are invalid. However, different individuals and organisations are almost constantly challenging the legislation in various courts in the belief they don’t meet the test. Having legislation declared invalid ultimately requires the Constitutional Court’s thumbs up. The Citizen looks at some of the legislative changes to which it gave the green light in 2021. The Regulation of Interception of Communication and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act (Rica) In one of its first judgments this year, in...