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By Itumeleng Mafisa

Digital Journalist

Taking pictures while you vote: what you need to know

Here are some rules about taking pictures at the voting station as well as removing ink on your thumb.

Taking pictures at a voting station is allowed as long as it does not break the rules, Electoral Commission of South Africa chairperson Sy Mamabolo has said.

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“Report to the presiding officer who is in charge at a voting station. They will allow you as long as the shots do not interfere with the secrecy of the voters. Avoid the ballot booth where a person is casting their votes,” Mamabolo said at the Results Operation Centre (ROC) in Midrand on Tuesday night.

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Over 27 million South Africans are eligible to cast their votes on Wednesday as some will be doing so for the first time, while others are reminded of their first time voting for a democratic government in 1994.

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There were also concerns that the indelible ink placed on the voter’s thumb could easily be removed, leading to concerns about voting twice.

“Our own assessment is that it is holding well, generally. There may be wrong usage of some of the pens, which will result in the ink not lasting,” he said.

However, Mamabolo said even if the ink is removed the voter cannot vote again at another voting station.

“You cannot go and vote elsewhere unless you have applied for a Section 24 (a). You have to vote at a station where you are registered,” he said.

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Despite this, Mamabolo said he was expecting good weather and that there would be no load shedding the entire voting day.

He said there would be more police presence to ensure that there is no security threat to free and fair elections.

A huge voter turnout is expected.