Eric Naki
Political Editor
2 minute read
26 Apr 2021
5:05 am

New Expropriation Bill poorly timed and open to abuse

Eric Naki

The bill has been criticised for not addressing underlying problems of capacity, competence and integrity currently hampering land reform.

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Experts, farmers and other stakeholders believe the new property Expropriation Bill and the noise it raised during the current hearings on it may scare away investors, and that the legislation is open to abuse by government officials. But in its presentation on the Bill, Business Unity South Africa (Busa) said while it understood the need for  expropriation, the government needed to apply it with caution and strict compliance with the constitution. Busa said the economy faced its greatest challenges in light of a depressed global macro environment, and a  possible ratings downgrade. “SA cannot afford a Bill that works against...